Solving Production Challenges With Spotlight 2013 Webinar
November 15, 2012 & June 6 , 2013

presenters: C. Andrew Dunning and Kevin Linzey

Here is a recording of the Webinar if you missed the initial airing or would like to experience it again:
(please be patient as it loads...)


While checking in with this production team, several useful 3rd-party tools for Vectorworks were mentioned. Below are links to each.

StageDeck 2, Audio ToolSet 2, SoftGoods 2 and VideoScreen 4 from Landru Design are from a comlete family of tools used to create and manipulate staging pieces, speakers and line arrays, drapery, and video devices.

Beam Draw from Benghiat Lighting is a valuable set of tools that enable lighting professionals to concentrate more on the actual design of stage lighting and less on endless calculations.

CADFaster is an innovative tool that allows Vectorworks users to share and mark up 3D models as self-executing and/or Cloud-based files.

Chain Hoist Tools from AutoPlot is an indespensible set of tools for quickly inserting, visualizing, and dimensioning rigging elements.

Reshaper from Sirius Solutions is a tool used to display and modify object geometry in ways either impossible or very difficult in Vectorworks.

See the bottom of our VW Plug-Ins page to see examples of several other 3rd-party resources for Vectorworks.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us through the addresses on our Contact page or post a question on the Vectorworks Tech board.