Entertainment Design With Vectorworks 2012 Webinar
November 16, 2011 and March 7, 2012

presenters: C. Andrew Dunning and Kevin Linzey

Here is a recording of the Webinar if you missed the initial airing or would like to experience it again:
(please be patient as it loads...)


Below are some answers to a few of the questions that were asked and that either didn't get answered or may have needed further explanation. I've tried to stick to questions specific to the tools developed by Landru Design, consolidate similar questions, and clarify the perceived meaning of everyone's on-line short-hand. Please forgive me and let me know if I missed your point...

What do you mean by "Coverage Zone"? Does that feature basically show sightlines? Why do you show viewing area by the screen width vs. screen height? How did you determine the multipliers for the default screen coverage? Can the Coverage Zone angles be edited?

"Coverage Zone" is a graphic representation of the desired viewing area for a projection screen or television. The viewing area is defined using multipliers of the screen's width, height, or diagonal measurement and the acceptable offset viewing angle - all being user-definable. Two different multipliers can be set, allowing users to display, for example, minimum and maximum viewing distance or acceptable viewing distances for different types of content.

Though, as a design professional, you may already have guidelines you use when specifying screen sizes, if you'd like other perspectives on screen sizing and viewing distances visit AV-Products, theProjectorPros, Da-Lite, Draper, Cinema Source, MasterViews International, or Carlton Bale's site. (Thanks to Peter Blue of Evident Productions for his help in finding some of this information. If you know of other resources that might be helpful, let us know and we'll consider adding them to the list.)


For the SoftGoods 2/Soft Goods tools, do Pipe-and-Drape slider lengths equal width of individual panels?

The slider lengths are the horizontal lengths between the vertical/upright pieces. The tools calculate panel counts based on slider lengths and the user-defined panel width. (For example, if the slider length is 13' and the user has defined his/her panel width as 10', the tool will show 2 panels being needed for that Pipe-and-Drape section.)


You guys keep saying something like "Lander design tool," or something like that. What are you talking about?

Several of the Spotlight tools (Video Screen, Television, Blended Screen, LED Screen, and Soft Goods) are versions of tools developed by Landru Design (the owner of this site). Some of the other tools mentioned (StageSteps and AudioArray, for example) are tools offered solely by Landru Design. See our Vectorworks Plug-Ins page for more information.


Are the video tools only available in Spotlight? What about the new curtain tool? Are any of these tools available to Vectorworks Fundamentals users?

Video Screen, Television, Blended Screen, LED Screen, and Soft Goods are all only available in Spotlight and Designer. The first three have been significantly updated for Vectorworks 2012. LED Screen and Soft Goods are totally new to Vectorworks 2012.

If you're not using Spotlight or Designer 2012 or are interested in shorter-term feature evolution, the Landru Design versions are available for less than a day or two of one's typical per-diem. Our Vectorworks Plug-Ins page can give you specific pricing.


Do the Landru Design siblings of the Spotlight plug-ins allow for some of the more technical design options, such as swagged drapes or curved screens?

Though not included at at this time, those features are on our wish-list.


For the AudioToolSet tools, can you display rough coverage areas?

Yes, AudioBox (the loudspeaker element of the Audio ToolSet) has a "Show Dispersion" toggle, along with user-definable horizontal and vertical dispersion angles and effective throw distance. The tool is also "aware" of a given drawing model's floor. See our Audio ToolSet page for more information.


Is there a Spotlight chain hoist tool?

A chain hoist/rigging tool has been created by Sam Jones. Visit his AutoPlotVW Web site for more information.


In terms of stairs, which is better for corporate use - simple or custom?

For entertaiment needs, in addition to the stock Vectorworks stair tools, you might want to consider the StageSteps Plug-In-Object, which is part of our Staging ToolSet. See our Vectorworks Plug-Ins page for more information.


If you have any more questions, feel free to contact me through the addresses on our Contact page or post a question on the Vectorworks Tech board.