The purpose of this page is to make available to other users computer files that might be useful. For now, this embodies Vectorworks® Plug-In tools for video screens, curtains and pipe-and-drape, stage lifts, and stage pieces, audio, note boxes; and a few symbols and textures.


VideoScreen 4Audio ToolSet 2SoftGoods 2
Staging ToolSet 2 StageLift


Though not free downloads, we have developed tools for Vectorworks that draw projection screens (single and edge-blended), televisions, curtains and pipe-and-drape, speakers and arrays, staging objects (decks, stairs, and ramps), and crank-style stage lifts.
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About the files below: All were created using Vectorworks® 11 or 12. Where appropriate, the symbols use the Autoplot® Version 16/17 data format. All of the symbols are hybrids (2D and 3D).

These files are provided free-of-charge. The only thing that we ask is that if you find any of them to be useful, drop us a message to let us know. (You can also do the same if you have any questions about how classes are used in the symbols.)

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In downloading and using any these files, you do so at your own risk. Landru Design offers no warranty, no support, and takes no responsibility for any inaccuracies or any problems that they may cause.

Click on the symbol to begin downloading the desired file. If that does not work: right-click the link and select "Save Link As" from the resulting menu and save the file to your hard-drive.

Larger files have been compressed into Zip files. WinZip and StuffIt Expander (to uncompress these files) are available at:

WinZip Link & StuffIt Link


PAR 64 With ColoRam PAR 64 with ColoRam®
(2 separate symbols)
ColorCommand High End Systems ColorCommand®
Tomcat PRT Tomcat 93" Pre-Rig Truss
(with rigging guides)
Tomcat 12" Tomcat 10', 12" Truss
(with rigging guides)
Pixelline 1044 & 552
(multiple orientations)
x.Spot High End Systems x.Spot®
(floor unit)
Panorama Coemar Panorama Power Cyc®
(floor unit)
MAC 2000s Martin MAC 2000® - Wash, Profile, and Performance

High End Systems DL1®
(floor unit)

Followspot Lycian 1267® followspot
(with and without floor stand)
Mannequin Mannequin
(individual symbols)

Star Drop
Star Drop

Magenta Austrian Strip

Note Box Tool

a Plug-In-Object for placing notes in drawings. It automatically resizes with note text changes and changes appearance by adjusting a few settings.